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The Router Room – is a FULL-SERVICE sign company providing exceptional levels of Service and Responsiveness to meet our customer’s needs and requirements.


Innovative Designs and Quality Assured Engineering:

Being innovative design professionals, we are accustom to working with every aspect of sign requirements.  

  • Design - Construction - Installation - Serviceability  
  • Local ordinances - Landlord requirements
  • Special Zoning Districts - Special Considerations

The Router Room provides outstanding designed marketing products with quality in mind. Quality Assurance begins with the engineered design, incorporates quality components and operation efficiency to provide a finished product with extended life expectancy. Our skilled and experienced staff continually reviews our manufacturing processes, our construction materials and electrical components for added efficiency and product reliability. 


Graphics and Logo Design Service:

We can work and embellish your visions or provide you a custom design & Logo! While some projects include the design with the sign purchase; Others are more complex, taking several hours for artist design and illustration. We will gladly review your project and share our experiences with you. We further offer the option to purchase a design or logo for a design fee (basically an artist design time invested.) Our In-house, experienced design team can quickly and easily create your new “First Impression” image or corporate / company logo or branding.


On-Site Surveys:

Surveys ranging from a simple photo survey to more detail, technical and complex requirements. Let’s discuss the scope of your project, then provide us a list of requirements exactly as needed and we can quickly schedule you in.


Sign Permitting, Sign Installations and Sign Maintenance:

The Router Room Service Department is known for providing responsive and timely service and can help customers’ meet all their Service or Maintenance needs. Our qualified technicians are specialist and certified. We focus our services in the Dallas - Fort Worth (DFW) Metro-Plex and outlaying North and Central Texas areas with the ability to meet any extended ranges as necessary.



To learn more about the many services we offer, please contact one of our representatives.